Stabbing victim Mayu Tomita regains consciousness

Mayu Tomita
Mayu Tomita

TOKYO (TR) – Idol star Mayu Tomita, who was hospitalized in critical condition after a male stalker fan stabbed her over 20 times, has regained consciousness, the Sankei Shimbun reported on Tuesday (June 7).

Multiple sources told the Sankei Shimbun that Tomita, 20, regained consciousness in an intensive care unit at a hospital sometime around Friday, some two weeks after she was left unconscious in critical condition after suspect Tomohiro Iwazaki stabbed her over 20 times in areas like her chest, arms, neck and back.

A source involved in the investigation said she sustained a particularly deep wound in her neck region, but her vital organs remained intact.

Authorities plan to ask Tomita about the attack once her condition stabilizes and doctors approve.

According to the Sankei, Iwazaki ranted about Tomita for some four months on his Twitter before attacking Tomita, making statements like “I liked Tomita. I wanted to marry her.”

Iwazaki reportedly told police Tomita “embarrassed” him by sending back his gifts, which included a wristwatch.

The Tachikawa branch of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office said Iwazaki’s criminal liability over the attack will be investigated pending psychiatric evaluation that started on Monday, according to Nikkan Sports.

Bungled response?

Local media have reported numerous problems over the way police handled Tomita’s case.

An emergency dispatcher fumbled Tomita’s emergency call she made seconds before the attack, initially sending officers to her home instead of the crime scene because of failure to follow protocol and confirm the location of her call.

Tomita had also consulted Musashino Station Police numerous times over concerns of a “relentless stalker,” but the officers failed to refer the case to a department that specializes in stalker cases.

Police are conducting a review of their response to the case, and plan to announce the results at a near date.

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  1. Thank goodness!!! I’m so relieved! In the midst of so many negative comments I still maintained that there was hope and we need to remain hopeful, sending her our positive thoughts. Sure enough, defying all odds, she has regained consciousness and is on the road to recovery. I know it will be rough for her to talk about the incident to police but it is something that needs to be done. I’m also glad to see the attacker is getting a psychiatric evaluation. He was obviously not in his right state of mind, as I discussed in a comment to an older article. I hope he gets the help he needs very desperately. I sincerely wish Tomita-san a speedy recovery, both to her body and also to the emotional scars that this has caused. May her light shine bright once again, even brighter than before!

  2. It’s to hear she’s still alive,how terrible we can’t say the same for Christina Grimmie.

    • It’s absolutely horrible! These things are happening way too often. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a gun or a knife. If some lunatic wants to kill somebody they’ll do it. If a disturbed person wants to do it badly enough and they are intelligent and clever enough, there is no law that can stop them. There are countless ways to kill a person. Tougher regulation won’t stop that. We as a society need to realize the importance of mental health. This importance is not stressed enough in our society. The vast majority of the population remains largely ignorant when it comes to this topic. Our society has also become very impersonal and disconnected, which is ironic considering we live in a digital age of Social Networking where the world is literally at our fingertips. If we cared for our neighbour or the stranger on the street as we do our loved ones, perhaps tragedies like this could be averted. But we live in an age of greed and selfishness where everyone is out for themselves and doesn’t care who they hurt to get what they want. We continue to pollute our home, the earth, without considering the long-term consequences. We make war and kill each other over petty differences. We do not realize that it is ourselves that we are hurting. It is by our own hands that the extinction of the human race will be wrought. The collective consciousness of humanity has become suicidal, infected by a societal disease.

  3. Makoto-san, you say “It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a gun or a knife.” But he stabbed her many times with a knife, and she lived! Do you mean to tell us that if he had shot her many times with a gun, she would have been just as likely to live? I suggest that you re-think that issue.

    • James, that is not what I was saying. The point I was making was how someone who wants to kill will do it no matter what laws are in place restricting access to guns. If he can’t get a gun he will use a knife. If we even banned knives there would still be countless other ways to kill a person if someone really wanted to do it badly enough. For instance, anyone with a fairly basic understanding of chemistry could make a bomb from everyday household products that would be ridiculous and impossible to ban due to how common they are in our daily lives. That would be far more dangerous than a knife or a gun! Enacting a gun ban might stop people from using guns to kill but it won’t stop someone from finding another way. The law doesn’t destroy the desire to kill. What I’m saying is we need to get to the root of that desire to kill. If nobody has a desire to be violent then the world will truly be a safe place. This is why I talked about the importance of mental health. I hope I’ve been able to clear this up!

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