Mayu Tomita stabbing: Dispatcher fumbled emergency call

 Mayu Tomita
Mayu Tomita

TOKYO (TR) – A police dispatcher who fielded idol star Mayu Tomita’s emergency call asking for help when she was being attacked initially sent officers to her home instead of the crime scene, NHK learned on Wednesday (May 25).

When Tomita, 20, called police to report she was being attacked by knife-wielding suspect Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27, at a concert venue in Koganei City, on Saturday, a police dispatcher failed to check the location of her cell phone and instead sent officers to her home.

Officers at a police station near the crime scene were dispatched after witnesses made emergency calls, taking about seven minutes to arrive from the time Tomita called for help. The star remains unconscious in critical condition at a hospital.

Police believe Tomita made the emergency call between when suspect Iwazaki called out to her and stabbed her some 30 times.

Screaming for help

Local media reported that Tomita was heard screaming for help when she called at 5:05 p.m. on Saturday.

Witnesses reported the attack about a minute later at 5:06 p.m., saying that a “man is stabbing a woman in the neck using a knife,” Nikkan Sports reported.

“A mistake”

According to police, protocols are in place to confirm the origins of cell phone calls so crime scenes can be located.

“A mistake was made, proper protocol was not followed in confirming the location of crime scenes,” authorities said. “Moving forward, hopefully we can set up a system that automatically pinpoints locations.”

Over 300 tweets

According to NHK, Iwazaki is believed to have tweeted over 300 times about Tomita over a four-month period starting from January. Police believe the suspect’s tweeted content gradually escalated.

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  1. I know it’s unlikely at the moment, but, I hope she lives… if not, I hope they hang that lunatic who attacked her!! (I am not a fan, first time I’ve ever heard of her, but, such a friendly looking girl didn’t deserve this!)

  2. Can you send Hospital address for fans & supporters in USA & abroad to send gifts. I would be grateful. I would post to social media if possible also if possible. Thank you

  3. Seems like the police screwed up multiple times – she warned them, her mother did, and then the dispatcher sent help to the wrong location. Result likely one dead blameless woman. No doubt mysoginistic cultural bias at work here both on the police side and the attackers. Sad.

  4. We need to stay positive! She needs all of our positive thoughts right now! There is still hope! This is sad on so many levels. The police could have stopped things from getting worse if they went to the correct address and got to her quicker. That is utterly pathetic! Saddest of all is the attack itself. Between this and the attack on the two girls from AKB48 a few years ago, I think it should be a huge wake up call that we really need to get to the bottom of the societal disease that has unfortunately manifested itself in these attackers. They are both sick people and need serious mental help. Just giving them the death sentence isn’t going to cure the disease. We are all born pure and innocent. How does a pure and innocent baby grow up into a killer? It is the social environment we live in that shapes what we become. It is the social environment they grew up in that made them into monsters. As for Tomita-san, I think her greatest revenge would be to live. I remain hopeful for her and am sending her my positive thoughts! Hang in there Tomita-san! You will live!!!

  5. I am praying for her recovery. I am an American a I can’t help thinking that if it had been a gun what would have been the outcome. This is the second attack and indicates a need for a change in procedures. The idols need to have protection and security but it is great that they are not isolated and inaccessible to their fans. I know that is part of AKB48’s appeal. Pray to the infinite unknown for her whatever that my be to you, there is only one.

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