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14-year-old Ibaraki prostitute pimped to 500 customers, 2 arrested

The suspects advertised the girl's services on deai-kei matchmaking sites
The suspects advertised the girl’s services on deai-kei matchmaking sites
IBARAKI (TR) – Ibaraki Prefectural Police on Friday announced the bust of a sex service in Tsuchiura City that employed a 14-year-old girl on charges of prostitution, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (March 7).

Officers took Kentaro Abe, the 25-year-old manager of out-call service Legend, and employee Daiki Saito, 21, into custody for allegedly dispatching the underage girl, a third-year middle school student, for illicit encounters on approximately 500 occasions between October of last year and this month.

Abe has reportedly admitted to the allegations, telling police that he knew the girl was 14 years old.

Legend is a “delivery health” service in which a prostitute will be sent to a customer at a hotel or residence.

The establishment advertised the girl’s services on deai-kei matchmaking sites at rates that ranged between 10,000 and 40,000 yen per session, according to the Sankei Shimbun (March 6). The suspects told customers she was 19 years old.

The girl, who lived at the shop’s office, was compensated between 2,000 and 3,000 yen. Sales attributed to her averaged 1.8 million yen per month.

“I wanted to quit, but I continued aimlessly,” the girl is quoted by police.

Police filed papers for the case with prosecutors at the Mito District Court on Friday.

Investigators are now pursuing a separate case against the suspects that involves a 15-year-old girl whose whereabouts are currently unknown.


  1. Cat Cat March 8, 2015

    Out and prosecute the johns for statutory rape! That’s what it was. Whether Japan considers a 14 yo of legal age to consent, IDK, but her quote is heartbreaking! She didn’t want to be doing it and no one was protecting her. Disgusting!

  2. Fyl Fyl June 8, 2015

    ACTUALLY… her quote sounds like an admission of voluntarily doing something one knows isn’t right. Sort of like an addict/alcoholic’s sheepish “I knew I ought to stop, but somehow just keep getting wasted”

    Age of consent, age minimum for emancipation or minor employment, and age minimum for “adult industry” work are NOT the same in the eyes of the law, in Japan and elsewhere.

    Their idea of crucifying the pimp with the harshest laws applicable is the right way to handle it. As to clients, maybe just maybe if he spills the beans on predators who specifically requested a kid… Otherwise, they weren’t knowingly engaging in anything felonious.

    Statutory rape would only come up if she were clearly advertised as a minor below age of consent…you can’t exactly card a hooker, especially in a tolerated but semi-legal outcall business that implies the sale of illegal intercourse under the guise of various legitimate services (masseuse, entertainer, stripper… sugar lips – all legal, if they were of age and actually stopped at those services only)

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