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Wakayama police arrest Italian male suspected in series of kissing incidents

The JR Kisei Hon Line in Wakayama
The JR Kisei Hon Line in Wakayama
WAKAYAMA (TR) – Wakayama Prefectural Police on Wednesday arrested an Italian male after he allegedly kissed a woman with whom he was unacquainted inside a train in Gobo City. The suspect is believed to have also been involved in a series of similar incidents, reports the Asahi Shimbun (March 6).

At 5:48 p.m., Vincenzo DeMaio, 40, kissed the hand of a 21-year-old woman seated inside a train car on the JR Kisei Hon Line between Iwashiro and Minabe stations.

DeMaio, who has been charged with violating a public nuisance ordinance regarding obscene acts, has reportedly admitted to the allegations. “There is no question that I kissed her,” the suspect is quoted by officers from the Gobo Police Station. “I did not know that (such an act) was in violation of the law in Japan.”

According to Sankei Sports (March 6), police had been on alert around Gobo after receiving a number of reports about a foreigner who had been kissing young women.


  1. edoardo edoardo March 6, 2015

    I think she wanted to go to bed with him, and now she wants to look like an innocent angel. This do always japanese girls with foreign guys.

  2. Roger Roger March 7, 2015

    Edoardo wrote the typical sexist reply, showing how italian men still think women aren’t allowed to have a sexual life. They have only to play the part of the preys. The girl who wants sex is not an “innocent angel” and every men accused of sexual harassment is facing a fake accusation. The fact that a woman doesn’t want sexual attention she hasn’t asked for is very far from them. Very typical. I’m ashamed, ’cause I’m italian too but i represent a minority.

  3. Alan Alan March 8, 2015

    Roger, I’m italian too and agree with you, this sort of kisses unsolicited are a harassment, and you edoardo are such an idiot.

  4. Masa Masa April 27, 2015

    Edoardo,What you said is only a club at Roppongi in Tokyo.
    Wakayana is country side of Japan.

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