Tokyo cops raid Kanda massage parlor, arrest manager on prostitution charges

Yoshio Taniguchi
Yoshio Taniguchi
TOKYO (TR) – As a part of an ongoing sweep of illegal massage parlors, Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Tuesday announced the arrest of the manager of an operation in Chiyoda Ward on prostitution charges, reports TV Asahi (Apr. 9).

Officers took Yoshio Taniguchi, the 65-year-old manager of Miko, an establishment promoting itself as an aroma salon, into custody for allegedly offering customers sexual services as administered by masseuses in private rooms — a violation of the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses regarding location of operation.

According to police, Miko, which is located in the Kanda district, has generated 100 million yen in revenue over the last three years.

Promotional Web sites indicate that the establishment charged 11,000 yen for the first 60 minutes.

According to Fuji News Network (Apr. 9), metropolitan police have raided five establishments in the Kanda and Akihabara areas and made 42 arrests since February.

Police sources said that there has an a rapid increase in illegal parlors, and the crackdown will continue.



  1. How is it even possible to imagine 10 BILLION yen revenue in 3 years?!
    Perhaps the cops are referring to the total revenue of all the massage business combined? (Or is it a typo?)

  2. Either way, that is some serious cash. Now if the government could find a way to legalize prostitution it would make it safer for everyone and especially the working women. And the government could also collect a very high level of tax revenue from such an explosive industry. Imagine how much that could be from an entire nation of legal and safe brothels.

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