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Shiga child throws snowball at nursery worker, gets roundhouse-kicked

A male nursery worker at a childcare facility in Otsu City roundhouse-kicked a 4-year-old boy (TV Asahi)

SHIGA (TR) – A male nursery worker roundhouse-kicked a 4-year-old boy after the child threw a snowball at his head in Otsu City, government officials said on Wednesday.

Otsu City officials said the 27-year-old man employed at a city childcare facility took the boy and eight children to a park on January 19 when the boy threw the snowball and struck the man in the head, TV Asahi reports (Feb. 1).

The boy fell over and cried but didn’t suffer any injuries from the worker’s roundhouse kick, city officials said.

The worker said he was “repenting after I went and did something I shouldn’t have.”

City officials are weighing punishment for the worker, who was confined to his home.

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