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Fukushima cops: Elderly man thwarts 3 knife-wielding robbers with golf club

A man with a golf club foiled a robbery by three knife-wielding men at his shop and residence
FUKUSHIMA (TR) – An elderly man wielding a golf club has foiled a robbery attempt in the town of Kagamiishi, reports TV Asahi (Nov. 27).

According to Fukushima Prefectural Police, three men with knives intruded into the shop and residence of 74-year-old Tsukumo Inoue at around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday and accosted him. “We’ll kill you,” one of them threatened.

After Inoue raised a driver over his head and threw the club at the attackers, they fled the scene.

Inoue suffered light injuries caused by broken glass in the incident. His wife, who also lives in the residence, was not injured.

The trio is still on the loose, each member described as wearing black clothing and ski masks.

Police are investigating whether the incident is connected to a robbery in the same town in June in which the victim lost 60,000 yen.

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