Idol Nonami Takizawa apologizes after nude image causes online commotion

TOKYO (TR) – A gravure idol has retired following an online commotion over the emergence of a seemingly nude man in her latest photo collection.

Nonami Takizawa, 30, last week announced her retirement on her blog after fans raised concerns online about a man appearing to be naked in the background of a scene in the video DVD “Arigatone,” which was released in December.

“In 2011, I retired from the entertainment industry,” she wrote on July 1. “I did so to get married. The person I married is the cameraman (in ‘Arigatone’). Last year, I selfishly asked that he make a final tribute to Nonami Takizawa for my 30th birthday.”

The idea behind “Arigatone” is for the viewer to take a trip to a hot springs resort with Takizawa over three days and two nights. In the scene in question, the busty idol lounges in front of the camera in a bubbly hot tub. In the background of the clip, a person can be seen passing behind a door left slightly ajar.

An industrious blogger noticed the person and collected a series of still images as the individual passes behind the gap over time. After some careful clipping, the images were put together side by side to reveal the person as a nude man holding something that appears to be a camera.

Though Takizawa, who returned to the industry after her initial retirement in 2013, did not exactly confirm whether the person was her husband or not she did indicate that she had concealed her marriage.

What appears to be a nude man can be seen after a collection of still images were cropped and put together side by side
What appears to be a nude man can be seen after a collect ion of still images were cropped and put together side by side

“For this, I was really sorry to shock so many people,” Takizawa continued. “In the gravure idol world, such a thing is not possible as one should be single. I have ruined that image, and I deeply regret disappointing the fans.”

Following a ruckus online — in which reactions from fans ranged from amusement to questions about whether the production was in fact an adult video — the title zoomed up to the top of the Female Idol chart on before it was removed, according to Sports Hochi (July 1). It has also been taken down from

“Today, Nonami Takizawa is announcing her retirement,” she said in closing. “After considering how to take responsibility (for the commotion), this is my response.”

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