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Korean manager of transvestite club arrested, visa irregularities cited

Tokyo police arrested the Korean manager of a transvestite club for violating labor laws

The Korean manager of a transvestite club in Tokyo was arrested for employing staff without appropriate visas, according to the Sankei Shimbun (Apr. 22).

Takeshi Kanai, 61, of no fixed address, was cited for staffing “new-half” club Shemale-X, located near JR Shin Okubo station in Shinjuku Ward’s Hyakunincho district, with two Korean employees holding short-term visas — a violation of labor laws.

According to the investigation by Takashimadaira police authorities, the two staff are males, aged 33 and 37 and holders of visas valid between February and April of this year. “I employed them because they said they wanted to work,” Kanai said during questioning. Shemale-X, which is a “health” operation offering sex services, reportedly generates monthly revenues of 3 million yen.

Police were alerted to the club earlier this month after citing the 37-year-old on prostitution charges. He had been found loitering in the nearby Kabukicho entertainment quarter.

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