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Tokyo: Man, 43, accused of raping kindergartner in stairwell

TOKYO (TR) – A 43-year-old employee of a construction-related company in custody over several molestation cases has been further accused of raping a kindergartner earlier this year, reports TBS News (Nov. 29).

In March, Shinya Iketani lured the girl to a stairwell of an apartment building in the capital as she commuted to kindergarten and sexually assaulted her.

Two months later, when the girl was enrolled in elementary school, he sexually assaulted her again, but this time he recorded the act on his mobile telephone. “If you tell your parents, I’ll leak the photos,” he reportedly threatened her.

Police have accused Iketani of coerced intercourse. However, it was not revealed whether he admits to the allegations.

Shinya Iketani
Shinya Iketani (Twitter)

Police previously arrested Iketani in four other incidents. In August, he allegedly lured an elementary school girl from a park to the landing of a stairwell of a building. He then allegedly committed acts deemed obscene. “I was unable to suppress my urges,” the suspect was quoted by police upon his first arrest in September.

Police believe Iketani was behind about 10 similar incidents. An examination of is mobile telephone showed video clips of him committing acts deemed obscene with about 25 girls.

Iketani previously lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture. Earlier this month, police accused him of molesting a girl at a Sapporo apartment in August, 2014. The victim was 4 years old at the time.