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Suspected serial pooper patrolling Akihabara

TOKYO (TR) – This really stinks.

On Tuesday, the Fuji TV program “Tokudane!” reported on a person dubbed “Unkoman” (or Mr. Poop) who is taking aim at the Akihabara district with his bowel movements.

Kosaku Nakajima, the owner of a model train store, says that the male perpetrator has left excrement in the streets of the popular shopping destination in Chiyoda Ward on around 10 occasions over the past three months.

Four confirmed locations include in the gap between two buildings (with one housing the model train store on its first floor), outside a restaurant, at the entrance of another building and at the base of a utility pole. All four spots are just east of Chuo-dori street.

Photographs presented by the program — all shot since June 30 — led the program to conclude that the incidents are the work of the same person.

In one sequence, the purported pooper is seen fleeing from the gap between the above-mentioned buildings with his underwear exposed above his black pants. Believed to be in his 30s, he is carrying a blue backpack.

Nakajima has resorted to posting a warning sign about the incidents at his store.

Fecal — er, uh — legal matter

According to lawyer Hideo Yamada, it might be difficult for police to accuse the perpetrator of a crime. For one, the locations are private land. Further, since the areas are frequented by pedestrians the crime of trespassing might not be applicable.

However, the lawyer added that if it is proven that the perpetrator is a repeated offender it is possible for him to be accused of disruption of business.