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Sumo wrestlers rescue woman who plunged into river in suicide attempt

TOKYO (TR) – Sumo wrestlers from a stable in Adachi Ward were among those who rescued a woman after she plunged into a nearby river on Wednesday in an apparent suicide attempt, police said, reports TV Asahi (June 11).

At just past 5:30 a.m., a man sought help after seeing the woman, aged in her 30s, plunge about 3 meters from a bridge and into the water.

Wrestlers from the Sakaigawa-beya stable were among the roughly 20 persons who arrived at the scene and pulled the woman from the water.

Sumo wrestler were among 20 persons who rescued a woman after she plunged into a river in Adachi Ward on Wednesday (Twitter)

The woman was transported to a hospital where her condition is not considered life-threatening, the Takenotsuka Police Station said.

The station is planning to give a letter of commendation to the wrestlers and the other persons who assisted the woman.