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Racehorse hits van after bolting Shinagawa stable

TOKYO (TR) – A retired racehorse struck a car at an intersection in Shinagawa Ward after it bolted from its stable on Monday, police said, reports NHK (May 25).

According to police, the male Saint Memory rammed the side of a white van at the Yashiobashi intersection in the Oi area at around 11:00 a.m.

The horse was immediately returned to the Oi Racecourse with unspecified injuries, though a large amount of what appeared to be blood could be seen on the pavement.

Saint Memory bolted from its stable on Monday (Twitter)

Footage provided by NHK showed a broken window and large dent in the side of the van.

Just before the incident, the horse bolted from its stable at the racecourse. The intersection is located about 1.5 kilometers from the stable.

In security camera footage, the animal can be seen running down a lane of traffic as vehicles pass in the opposite direction.

Over its eight-year career, Saint Memory won 17 races. The horse retired in 2016. It now serves as a guide horse at the Oi Racecourse.