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Osaka strip club busted for providing prostitution services

Osaka strip club busted for providing prostitution services
Juso Music
OSAKA (TR) – Osaka prefectural police on Monday announced the raid of strip club Juso Music for providing customers with sexual services, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Sep. 24).

Kazuo Saito, 46, the manager of the club, was among 12 employees taken into custody for allowing customers to pay for separate sexual services as dispensed by female dancers in a private room — a violation of the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses. Saito has reportedly admitted to the allegations.

Juso Music (on Twitter and Facebook) charges 6,000 yen for entry, with 2,000-yen discounts being available to students, seniors, and handicapped patrons. Additional “dance tickets” can be purchased for 1,000 yen. Five tickets allow customers to enter the private room for a 10-minute period.

Dancers also remove their underpants if a customer purchases a separate 200-yen ticket. Officers slapped nine performers, aged between 22 and 42, with additional charges for violating public decency laws.