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Chiba: 20 coronavirus infections found at karaoke parlors

CHIBA (TR) – Twenty persons connected to three karaoke parlors in Sakura City have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the prefectural government revealed on Sunday.

Four customers and two employees had tested positive for the coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, at parlor Karaoke Kissa Totoro Part II as of Sunday, the government said.

Management of the parlor was actively disinfecting the interior, but some customers were singing with their masks removed.

Six persons connected to Karaoke Kissa Totoro Part II have tested positive for the coronavirus (Twitter)

All of the 20 persons are men and women aged in their 60s or older. Five of them had visited multiple parlors in Sakura.

On Sunday, the prefectural government confirmed a total of 51 new infections, a figure that exceeded 50 for the second straight day.