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Tokyo cop faked investigations ‘to touch inside the mouths’ of foreign women

TOKYO (TR) – A Tokyo Metropolitan Police officer has been dismissed from his post after he carried out fabricated investigations in order “to touch inside the mouths of women,” it has been learned, reports NHK (Jan. 31).

Over a one-year period ending last September, the 27-year-old head patrol officer at the Arakawa Police Station, carried out unsubstantiated investigations on three women, including the collection of a DNA sample collection and a drunk driving test.

The matter emerged after the officer took a DNA sample of a woman without using a cotton swab. Instead, he reached into her mouth with his bare hands. The woman later lodged a complaint.

A head patrol officer at the Arakawa Police Station was dismissed on Friday for faking investigations involving women (NHK)

“I want to see inside the mouths of women, and I have the desire to touch inside,” the officer told police. He was dismissed from his post on Friday. He was also sent to prosecutors, though the exact violation was not specified.

During questioning, the officer said that he targeted foreign women in the fabricated investigations. Police are aware of an additional 13 other cases.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police offered an apology. “With the acts significantly degrading confidence [on the part of the public], it is indeed regrettable,” a statement read. “We would like to reinforce strict discipline and the proper means of carrying out duties.”