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Wolf whistles on your way to work: Do Japanese gals secretly yearn for an erotic groping?

Wolf whistles on your way to work: Do Japanese gals secretly yearn for an erotic groping?
JR Yoyogi Station in Tokyo
It’s Tuesday again, which means it’s time for another installment of Nikkan Gendai’s column “Yoru no sekai no toshi densetsu” (Urban legends from the night world), which sets out to confirm or debunk various aspects of sex.

This week’s issue (Dec. 4) grapples with the oft-debated question as to whether some women harbor a secret desire to be molested by a chikan (groper) during their morning commute.

“Yes, it’s true,” asserts an unnamed veteran writer covering the “pink” trade, who adds he often views salacious posts to that effect on chikan Web sites, presumably composed by sexually frustrated office ladies and housewives.

“I’ve read online invitations like ‘Tomorrow I’ll be on the S__ line departing at such and such a time, in car number X. Please fondle me.’ They’ll also include what they’ll be wearing. The site operator at first was suspicious of the post, but he checked it out in person, and wonder of wonders, the woman let him grope her lower anatomy without objecting. And while he did it, she was letting out soft moans as well.

“Since then, the number of females posting on the site has increased.”

Japanese adult videos and pink films are full of whimsical male fantasies involving women who get it on from a surreptitious session of stroking while surrounded by rail commuters. But these gals appear to be the real thing.

“The encounters with chikan were such a tremendous turn-on for them that the women would board the same train the next day, hoping for a repeat performance; I even heard of cases where the relationship progressed to other things,” the aforementioned writer winks.

Truly, a person never knows where such an encounter might lead… (K.S.)

Source: “Chikan saretai onna ga noru densha ga sonzai suru?” Nikkan Gendai (Dec. 14, page 18)