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Tokyo’s panty-peeking parlors poised for a comeback

Spa! Nov. 20-27
Spa! Nov. 20-27

The series of busts earlier this year of peeping clubs in Tokyo that showcased illicit performances by high-school girls caused a citywide slump in the practice. But, reports Spa!, interest in this form of adult-entertainment is on the upswing.

The clubs, located in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Edogawa, and Chiyoda wards, allowed male patrons to view joshi kosei (meaning high school girls and often abbreviated as simply “JK”) stripped down to their underwear through one-way mirrors — a violation of the Labor Standards Act.

Probably most widely reported was the February 21 raid of club Gallery Shibuya by ten officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. General promotion for the establishment indicated that customers could sketch, or shasei, the nether areas of the female staff members for an outlay as low as 7,000 yen. That might seem puzzling until one realizes that an alternative writing of a word with the same pronunciation means ejaculation.

Spa! says that such clubs are now experiencing a resurgence, with new parlors entering the fray.

“The clubs that avoided being busted are mostly still in operation,” says a person affiliated with the fuzoku (or commercial sex) industry. “New clubs, too, are popping up. Of course, the services supplied are the same.”

The Ikebukuro area of Toshima Ward is a current hot spot. JK reflexology and massage parlors have taken hold. At midnight, oftentimes girls in their school uniforms can be seen loitering in the streets, a development that Spa! describes as a bizarre spectacle.

The tabloid then ventures to club O, which opened in October and is located just outside the North Exit of JR Ikebukuro Station. Upon entry, the reporter is told by a girl in uniform that mobile phones and wristwatches must be put into a locker as no photographs are allowed inside.

The writer is ushered into his own room equipped with a “magic mirror,” through which he is able to view four or five uniformed female students, each identified by placards that give their name and number, but who are not able to see him. The girls are chatting and snacking on sweets.

Recalling the instructions he received upon entry, the writer makes a request for the number of a particular girl and desired pose. The performer then moves up to the left side of the mirror and unbuttons her top, revealing her bra, which she pushes up closer to the mirror. Her hands make their way down to her skirt, which she yanks down up to reveal her buttocks.

To cap things off, the she then spreads her legs, and with her fingers, whose nails are elaborately decorated, she begins a simulated masturbation session in her crotch area.

Things appear equally splendid in the neighboring room, where the reporter notes heavy breathing from another customer is clearly audible.

The tabloid concludes that services have not changed at all since the series of busts.

On his way out the reporter asks a staff member if the performers are genuine high-school girls. “They are all over 18 years old,” says the employee. “But, yes, they are nearly all joshi kosei. Then again, I cannot guarantee that each girl actually attends class.”

During the conversation, a number of other customers stream into the shop, which leads Spa! to lament that through the popularity of high-school girls the trade in their services seems to have no bounds.

Source: “Chinsei kashita ‘joshi kosei kengaku kurabu’ ga futatabe fukkatsu shi hajimeteiru,” Nikkan Spa! (Web)