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Tokyo rubber exec, who gave ¥500 million to hostess, arrested for fraud

Moritoshi Kurita
Moritoshi Kurita

On April 11, Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested an executive at a rubber company for embezzling 530 million yen from company accounts. Most interesting to evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 14) is that nearly all of the funds were delivered to a bar hostess who was suffering from a severe “sickness.”

Moritoshi Kurita, 33, employed as a deputy manager in the accounting section at industrial rubber firm Shibata, allegedly utilized his office computer on 55 occasions between April 2009 and July 2010 to transfer 230 million yen to his personal account. All told, he is accused of defrauding the company out of 530 million yen, of which roughly 500 million was sent to a hostess living in Katsushika Ward.

“She fell ill and surgery was necessary,” Kurita is quoted by police.

Of course, Nikkan Gendai knows a ruse when it sees one. The tabloid’s trusty smut journalist Yukio Murakami is a bit surprised at the tactics used by the wily woman, saying that the claim that she requires surgery necessitates decent acting on her part. “Typically, the gal will say that she is being raised by a single mother, and her mother must undergo chemotherapy treatments,” the journalist says. “The treatment will run three million yen, and a lady will be recruited on the Internet to play the role of the mother.”

Murakami adds that marriage will already have been discussed so it will be impossible for the victim to abandon her. “After receiving the first payment,” he continues, “the condition will later resurface, and a second treatment will be needed to strengthen her immune system. A trip to an overseas hospital might also be an option.”

Nikkan Gendai then goes on to list the types of frauds typically pulled by hostesses.

A “pet fraud” will involve the girl’s dog, which is said to be entering a contest. If successful, the hostess can then drop the night gig and become a professional dog breeder. Of course, the judge will first need to be bribed (one million yen). Various other fees for preparation in the new career might then run between 500,000 yen and one million yen.

Seeking funds for plastic surgery procedures is another common scam. “I want to have sex with you and I therefore must look beautiful,” the hostess might tell her customer. Funds for eyelid work (300,000 yen), breast enhancement (700,000 yen), and underarm hair removal (500,000 yen) will then be needed. Afterwards, while the victim might notice a slight change in her appearance, the upgrades will be due to the use of such common items as a push-up bra and regular shaving razor.

Targets can vary. A gal might seek a guy looking for a sugar mama, and will tell him that if he assists with tuition for nursing school she will be able to take care of him later on. (The tabloid compares this approach to that of convicted “black widow” Kanae Kijima.) In the end, though, he will be taken for one million yen and the hostess will disappear from the club.

Source: “Kyabajo no sagi teguchi” Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 14, page 7)