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Saturated Sapporo sex market sends working women to extremes

Spa! Feb. 22
Spa! Feb. 22

A surge in the number of women engaging in low-level, sponsor-based relationships is becoming evident in Japan’s suburbs, especially Hokkaido, reports Spa! (Feb. 22).

“Women in their 30s and 40s have become more common in their willingness to engage in these activities over the last few years,” says a local reporter who covers the industry.

The trend is not limited to Sapporo and also includes other cities, such as Hakodate and Kushiro. Market prices range between 5,000 and 8,000 yen per service.

“This dramatic shift is taking place in commercial areas, such as inside arcades and underground shopping corridors in the heart of Sapporo,” says the same reporter. “In these places, there are groups of girls standing at certain corners waiting for customers while pretending to not be ladies of the evening. While some are offering regular out-call services (basic enko delivery), some other girls will simply say, ‘If you take me for a dinner or drink, I will render services.'”

Other emerging forms of sexual offerings include quickies inside cars and the actual escorting of a customer to the woman’s home.

A manager of a deri heru operation who has strong knowledge of the fuzoku industry in Sapporo says that former company employees, retired escort girls, single moms, and housewives are behind this new trend. The article explains that women use online dating sites or approach their former clients as a means of recruitment.

Yet the magazine wonders: Why do these women engage in such low-level activities when the Susukino district of Sapporo has numerous deri heru joints available for job-application submission?

“Susukino tops the nation as far low-priced deri heru clubs,” explains the previously quoted reporter. “There are about 500 shops; the market is already saturated. Many women cannot find employment and thus shift to these forms of extreme sexual services.”

Source: “Do teihen enko onna ga Hokkaido de kyuzo suru urajijuo towa,” Spa! (January 22, page 35)