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Tokyo U gals fetch premium prostitution prices

Shukan Shincho July 4
Shukan Shincho July 4

Last week, a report appearing in weekly Shukan Shincho (July 4) detailed illicit encounters between Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Genichiro Sata and a female co-ed at Tokyo University.

Always wanting to inform its mostly male readership on the latest developments in adult entertainment, evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai wonders about the current market prices for romps with Japan’s joshi daisei, or female college students.

Sata paid 40,000 yen for 20 sexual encounters with the Todai student, who he met at a hostess club in the Ueno entertainment district in December of last year. The pair then frequented love hotels in the Yushima area of Tokyo. The lawmaker reportedly demanded that each encounter entail two sex sessions.

Taizo Ebina, a writer covering the fuzoku industry, or sex trade, says the going rate for honban, or full sex, with girls from Tokyo University is 50,000 yen, with Keio and Waseda universities following at 45,000 and 40,0000 yen, respectively.

“Girls appearing in the Miss Campus contest and those aiming at becoming television announcers can fetch an additional 10,000 or 20,000 yen,” the writer assures.

A second tier includes the girls at Meiji and Hosei universities, who are able to fetch 30,000 yen.

Many girls will solicit their services on deai-kei “encounter” matchmaking sites. “They will include images of their student identification cards with their names concealed by tape,” says Ebina.

Seeing a surge in popularity lately are co-eds who attend Christian universities. Ferris University leads the pack at 30,000 or 40,000 yen. Sophia (35,000 yen) and Aoyama Gakuin (30,000 yen) are next.

Also finding favor are schools specializing in the arts and music. With a lot of men nowadays finding enjoyment in hearing an anguished soprano voice, they will outlay between 25,000 and 35,000 yen for the privilege. The article adds that some girls will dress in the uniforms they wear at recitals.

Ebina advises readers that it is possible to take advantage of girls seeking a stable income as they are likely to offer discounts. “If the going rate is 40,000 yen, it is likely that a monthly four-session contract for 140,000 yen can be brokered,” says Ebina.

Nikkan Gendai is in awe of the complications inherent in being a youth today.

Source: “Joshi daisei yoru no soba saikin ranking,” Nikkan Gendai (July 1, page 5)