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Laundromat lady in west Tokyo gives guys a thorough washing

Jitsuwa Jiho Golden Dec.
Jitsuwa Jiho Golden Dec.

If monthly tabloid Jitsuwa Jiho Golden (Dec.) is to be believed, there is a woman fishing for a little erotic action at a small laundromat in a west Tokyo suburb.

She allegedly asks male customers for a 100-yen coin. In return, she lets them take a spin with her in a coin-operated shower, located in the immediate area.

Wait a second…Haven’t readers of The Tokyo Reporter seen this kind of thing before? Continuing on…

Locals refer to her as “The Woman at the Laundromat,” and after some rigorous research, lasting several days, the magazine succeeded in pinning down the lady, so to speak, a 21-year-old going by the name of Misaki Ishizaki (at least for the purposes of this article).

“At first, I really lacked 100 yen,” Ishizaki says. “It was bit tedious to go all the way home just for that. In a timely manner, a man came and kindly lent me the change. After chatting with him for a bit, I felt I wanted to return him a favor so I asked him to come with me to the coin-operated shower.”

As expected, the space in the coin-operated shower was a bit tight, and it forces two people to be very intimate.

“With two bodies together, we became excited,” she continues. “It was also thrilling because there is the risk of others finding out. At first, we were joking around, but as time passed we both became rather serious and enjoyed two sessions, doggy-style.”

After experiencing such good, clean fun, she decided to go after men of her liking on a regular basis, approaching them with the line: “May I borrow some change?”

“I go to an art school,” she says. “When I feel stuck with my graduation project, I go to the laundromat. I have done five men here so far. I reached orgasm so many times, and it is not even comparable to when I do it with my boyfriend.

“I will probably keep doing this at least until I graduate,” she giggles.

Source: “Shinya ni Shutsubotsu! Koin randorii chijo,” Jitsuwa Jiho Golden (December, page 34)