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Ladies’ taste buds know when you’ve lost that loving’ flavor

Nikkan Gendai Feb. 5
Nikkan Gendai Feb. 5
The “Kensho: Uso ka, makoto ka” (The Proof: True or False) column that appears every Monday in Nikkan Gendai seems to have been inspired by David R. Reuben’s famous 1969 bestseller “Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Sex* but Were Afraid to Ask.”

In the February 5 edition, the writer delves into a serious subject. To wit, can a sex worker determine a customer’s physical condition through changes in the taste of his jism?

“Yes, it’s true,” insists a women employed in one such service in Tokyo where the Johns ejaculate into their waiting mouths.

“The semen of healthy men is a bit on the salty side, but when they get stressed out, the taste becomes more bitter,” she says. “I’ll ask them, ‘Have you been having a rough time at work?’ and they’ll react with surprise, asking, ‘How did you know that?'”

The flavor of semen also reflects, to some degree, the donor’s dietary habits.

“If a man eats a heavily salted diet, his jism is more likely to be saltier,” the woman continues. “And the semen from men who don’t get enough liquid and who are bordering on dehydration tends to be doro-doro (muddied). If they drink a lot of beer, I can usually tell because they tend to taste more bitter. And those who don’t get enough veggies and eat a diet that’s heavy on meat have a ripe, grassy smell.

“But if they’re in good physical shape, their sperm is more liquid, and there’s nothing strange about it.

“So if a customer’s sperm tastes different from the previous time, I might ask, ‘Are you feeling all right?’ in many cases they’ll be surprised and deeply touched by turns, that I remembered them, and after that will drop by at least once a month to get ‘tested.'”

That, winks Nikkan Gendai, certainly sounds like a great way to “keep ’em comin’ back for more.” (K.S.)

Source: “Fuuzokujo wa seieki no aji de kyaku no kenko jotai ga wakaru?” Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 5, page 18)