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Japan times: Couple gets off with rock & roll-on armpit sex

Yuka Someya
For some women, armpits happen to be erogenous zones, says Nikkan Gendai

“In our most recent session of etchi [intercourse], I came in a unexpected place!” Yuka, a cabaret club hostess, tells Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 7) columnist Momo Kizuki, who bills herself as a “love body watcher.”

What kind of ‘unexpected place’ are we talking about? Doing it outdoors? Or on the dance floor of her club, in front of the other patrons?

“No, no, that’s not what I meant,” she replies. “By ‘place,’ I mean a part of the body. You see, I had an orgasm while getting screwed in my armpit!!”

Ooooh, that’s flaky.

But it seems there are some women whose armpits happen to be erogenous zones. Lick them in the right place — shall we call it their U-spot? — and they’ll cum. Although in Yuka’s case, it was her guy’s penis, not his tongue, that did the dirty deed.

Already familiar with the technique of sumata (rubbing the penis against a woman’s labia without actual vaginal penetration), Yuka’s boyfriend, bent on further experimentation, decided to take the plunge in her armpit. Applying lotion, he slipped it in between her bicep and upper torso, and now swears that with ample lubrication and a tight squeeze where it counts, armpit sex felt remarkably similar to the real thing.

It may sound a bit far fetched to believe that a squirt of slippery lotion and body warmth are enough to give an armpit the properties of the female reproductive organ, but hey, anything’s worth at least a try.

Of course, since the skin of the arm is exposed to the air, its surface tends to be comparatively harder, and is somewhat less sensitive than a vagina. But Nikkan Gendai’s writer says that when it comes to armpits, the softest skin is to be found where the sun don’t shine. If a gal’s armpit, for whatever reason, is unavailable for lustful activities, the inside of her thigh ought to work just as well in a pinch.

“So,” writes Momo, “For those of you who are getting jaded from run-of-the-mill everyday sex, here’s something new to try!”

Source: “Waki no shita ga asoko ni kawatta!” Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 7, page 21)