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New Iroha Mini from Tenga to aid women in discreet diddling

Shukan Post Nov. 8-15
Shukan Post Nov. 8-15
In March, Japan’s premier manufacturer of masturbation products released the Iroha lineup of vibrators targeting, naturally, female consumers.

Soft and sleek (resembling a snowman tipped on its side), the Iroha, produced by Tenga, became something of a big topic among women seeking self-satisfaction.

Now, according to Shukan Post (Nov. 8-15), the company in December will issue the Iroha Mini, a series of three significantly svelte self-pleasuring pods.

As with the Iroha, the egg-shaped Iroha Mini was a project completed by a group comprised only of females. “From the planning all through to the hardware, such as the motor, it was all women,” says Shizuka Ito, a member of the development team.

The leader of that six-person team is Yuko Watanabe, who says the goal of the creation of the Mini was to make a product whose size, color and price encourages casual use.

“For the first product our company sent out to the world specifically for women, we packed all the elements we thought necessary inside,” says Watanabe in referring to the original, each of which in the series boasted a unique shape, an ultra-soft exterior, a quiet motor that allows for changeable vibration intensity, and a USB-powered charging dock attached to a storage case.

As its name implies, the Mini is smaller in scale and scope. Weighing in at a mere 61 grams (roughly 20 grams lighter than the original), the Mini provides five hours of use (at a single vibration setting) from a single AAA battery. It also comes in only one shape.

The Mini’s price has not yet been established, but it is expected to be around one-third of that charged for the original Iroha (6,800 yen).

Mei Yamada, a member of the Tenga public relations department, says that opinions from “sex blogging” females about the Iroha played a role in the design of the Mini.

The Iroha Mini series
The Iroha Mini series
“From the design to the means for flipping the switch, they checked everything — very strictly,” says Yamada in referring to the original.

Among these female users, many wondered if the Iroha could be used under water.

“For women, the bath is an important time for relaxation,” says Yamada, who used to work in the beauty industry. “Masturbation is a means of taking care of one’s wellness. Therefore, women are of course going to want to use (the Iroha) in the bath.”

Shukan Post happily informs its readership that the Mini will in fact function down to a depth of 50 centimeters. (K.N.)

Source: “Mata Tenga ga yatte kureta sex kakumei kyogaku shin shohin Iroha Mini,” Shukan Post (Nov. 8-15, pages 21-28)