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File-sharing program exposes problematic sex-club patrons to public disgrace

Weekly Playboy June 28
Weekly Playboy June 28

When customers at sex shops get a little too frisky or imaginative, causing injury and/or humiliation to the female staff, management is left with little choice but to yank in the welcome mat.

It’s bad enough to be turned away from play for pay, but to make matters worse, reports Weekly Playboy (June 28), it seems that through a flaw in Winny, a notorious file-sharing program, the customer blacklist for a famous sex shop in Nagoya was leaked onto the Internet.

Along with the customer names were details of what they had done to wear out their welcomes. “He repeatedly blew air into the girl’s vagina and then pushed down on her stomach,” read one. “He bites girls’ genitals,” read another.

“Shops will typically draw up a blacklist to protect their girls from problem customers,” “pink” journalist Mitsuru Hayakawa tells the magazine. “Especially since intercourse is a violation of the law regulating public morals, the management has no choice but to shield the girls to discourage them from reporting such activities to the police. So naturally one thing that will get a customer blacklisted is to insist on intercourse.”

Customers can also get in trouble for reserving a girl and then not showing up.

Weekly Playboy, however, seems most interested in customers who are banned from the premises through activities that the girls simply can’t stomach.

“I used my entire 60 minutes of allotted time for anus-licking, but the girl was disgusted and reported it to the manager, so I’ve been banned from the shop,” says a man identified as Mr. A.

A woman employed at a soapland (erotic bathhouse) in Tokyo’s Yoshiwara district, meanwhile, tells the magazine there is one customer who is just “too sexually powerful” for his own good.

“He can achieve three orgasms in a short duration,” she winces. “He’s become notorious among the girls in Yoshiwara.”

Nevertheless Weekly Playboy points out that something detested by one girl might actually be enjoyed by another.

“As long as there’s no permanent damage, I’m willing to go along with almost anything,” one girl informs the reporter. “One customer even begged me to scribble graffiti on his face. It seems a classmate did that to him when he was in high school, and he got tremendously turned on.”

Hayakawa advises readers how to avoid getting on a shop’s blacklist.

“It’s important to explain what you want to the shop beforehand. They don’t like nasty surprises. But sometimes, once she knows what’s on your mind the girl will be more than willing to go along.”

Source: “Kimi wa daijobu ka? Burakurisuto ryushutsu de wakatta fuzokuten ‘shukkin’ wo maneku hentai purei,” Weekly Playboy (June 28, page 178)