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Examining why Japan’s biggest breasts found in Kyoto, smallest in Saitama

Josei Seven Mar 14
Josei Seven Mar 14
The results released last year of a nationwide breast-size survey conducted by Tokyo-based firm LClove cosmetic, a marketer of sex aids sold via mail-order, revealed that the ladies of Gifu and Kyoto possess the nation’s most magnificent mammaries.

In surveying the cup sizes of 50 women in each of Japan’s 47 prefectures and administrative districts, the company found that gals in Gifu and Kyoto average an E-cup; nine areas average a D; 17 average C; and 18 average B. The flattest chests are in Saitama, where an A-cup is the norm.

Shinichi Yano, the head of a research institute and the author of the book, “Onna no Kenminsei” (Characteristics of Women), published by Kobunsha, tells Josei Seven (Mar. 15) that there are a number of reasons for fluctuations between prefectures.

Regional influence plays a crucial role. “In Saitama, there is a tendency to go on the latest diets to keep up with Tokyo,” says Yano. “A lot of fussy women are chasing a slim figure, which is going to translate to a smaller bust.”

The survey also included a section regarding the purchase of underwear for a romantic evening. Kyoto ranked at the top as far as expenditure, with respondents saying they will pay upwards of 10,000 yen for such an undergarment.

“There is a specific expression used for Kyoto people who financially ruin themselves by purchasing clothing,” says Yano. “That does not apply just to items that can be seen. They also have a tendency to not want to cut corners on things that are not visible.”

Bust shapes, however, are visible, and Yano thinks the Kyoto respondents may have pushed up their cup sizes in the breast survey. Both Gifu and Kyoto racked up 13 respondents who possess an E-cup chest. But Kyoto was given the national nod for having two gals check in with an F-cup, while Gifu only had one.

“Kyoto people are characterized as having two faces,” the researcher says. “There is a possibility that women are exaggerating their actual size. They try hard to take care of their breasts in order to make them appear bigger than those found in Osaka or Hyogo Prefecture.”

One form of care is the breast massage. A representative from the public relations department at LClove cosmetic tells the magazine that 40 percent of women in the Chubu and Kinki areas apply such a treatment. “The massage will drain the lymphnodes in the breasts, making them lively and elastic,” says the representative.

Source: “Kyohyu 1i ha E kappu Kyoto-fu de hinnyu 1i ha Saitama-ken sono riyu to ha,” Josei Seven (Mar. 15)