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Earthquake! Panic-stricken customers, girls seen fleeing Shibuya sex shop

Years from now when men reminisce over the great earthquake of March 11, 2011, only a few will be able to answer, “I was right in the middle of getting laid, and believe me, it was no fun!”

As reported by Tokyo Sports (March 13), the scenario was reminiscent of a scene from the film series “Friday the 13th.” The time was 2:48 p.m. As pedestrians looked on, two customers at an erotic massage parlor in Tokyo’s Shibuya district — and the young females who were servicing them — felt the building begin to sway ominously and came dashing out of the private rooms, down the stairs, out the door and onto the street.

“One of the customers, who was apparently right in the middle of getting it off, pulled on his blue jeans and came running down the steps like a bat out of hell,” says a male attendant at the shop. “The girl, wrapped in nothing but a bath towel, was right behind him. I heard her shout, ‘Whatever else happens, I don’t want to die in a shop like that.'”

“The other masseuses evacuated the building and were shivering outside in the parking lot next door,” says the employee. “But you know the sex urge is really amazing — even while so many people were on the verge of panicking, four more customers showed up at the shop. Three of them were regulars.”

Maybe, Tosupo chuckles, they wanted to go out with a bang.

Unfortunately for these customers, the girls insisted on leaving.

“My doggie’s at home all by himself. What if he’s dead or dying?” one exclaimed.

Left with no other choice, the manager closed up the shop for the rest of the day. (K.S.)

Source: “‘Kyaku to onna no ko ga taoru ichimai de dasshutsu,” Tokyo Sports (Mar. 13, page 12)