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Discovery of female ‘corpse’ reveals lonely man’s plight

Shukan Jitsuwa Oct. 9
Shukan Jitsuwa Oct. 9

On September 1, the Ohito police station in Shizuoka prefecture received a call reporting an abandoned female corpse had been spotted in the forest. A photo shows two feet protruding from a sleeping bag.

After the body was transported to a nearby hospital to undergo a forensic autopsy, reports Shukan Jitsuwa (Oct. 9), the medics discovered the “woman” was in fact a state-of-the-art sex doll.

“The doll was 170 centimeters tall and weighed about 50 kilograms,” a local newsman informs the magazine. “The skin was very human-like and of elaborate construction. This was an ultra high-quality ‘Dutch Wife’ that sold for over 200,000 yen.”

Five days after the discovery of the “corpse,” an unemployed 60-year-old man turned himself in to the police, and on September 16, the prosecutor’s office formally charged him with illegal dumping of refuse. It was at this time the man’s sad story came to light.

“He told us four years earlier his wife had passed away of illness and that he was living alone,” says a police source. “He had taken early retirement due to a chronic heart condition.

“He felt lonely and bought the doll for company three years ago. But when the man’s son and daughter-in-law decided to move in with him, he was forced to discard her in the woods.”

Dressing the doll up in clothes and placing her in warm sleeping bag was the man’s tender way of showing concern that she wouldn’t suffer from the cold.

“It was said that he’d even given the doll the same name as his deceased wife,” the reporter tells Shukan Jitsuwa. “He changed her outfit every day, and put her in pyjamas at bedtime.

“Apparently he also used the doll frequently for the purpose which it was intended, so much that he became worried his heart condition would worsen”

When imagining what long autumn nights were like for a lonely man who had lost his wife, and embraced a doll in her place, the writer admits he is torn between laughter and tears.

Source: “Dacchi waifu sodo” kanreki otoko no “kahanshin jijo,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Oct. 9, pages 233-234)