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Confucius say: Lusty lady with lax morals likely to develop loose lips

The Uso ka honto ka (True or false) column that runs every Monday in Nikkan Gendai is designed to confirm or debunk matters related to yoru no sekai (the world of the night).

Sometimes, though, the questions sound like those embarrassing “Mommy, mommy” questions asked by annoying six year olds.

The question this week (Jan. 22) is, “Do women who engage in too much sex become slacker down there?”

For an expert opinion on this eternal question, the tabloid turned to an experienced source, a 44-year-old adult video performer who had engaged in sex with over 2,000 actresses.

“Well, any virgin’s likely to be pretty tight and firm down there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that after doing it with several hundred men, their vagina will widen. For more than a few women who have a hard time with sex, the entranceway becomes smaller.

“I’ve had relations with western women who had to deal with enormous cocks on a daily basis, and that certainly made them seem bigger. But after they broke up with that particular partner they gradually shrank back to what it was before. If not, their whoopie cushions would become flabby after giving birth.”

So how did the urban legend get started about the vaginas of promiscuous females getting a little loose?

“Japanese men have a strong intolerance for women who give themselves away wantonly,” says a writer who covers the “pink” trade. “I suppose this is how it got started.”

In other words, it’s based on a chauvinistic viewpoint with no basis in f**ked, er, sorry, make that basis in fact. (K.S.)

Source: “Onna wa ecchi shisugiru to asoko ga yuruku naru?” Nikkan Gendai (Jan. 22, page 18)