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Carnivorous consumer of young hunks does her shopping in Shinjuku

Shukan Asahi Geino Dec. 31
Shukan Asahi Geino Dec. 31
A popular neologism in 2009 was nikushoku-kei joshi (carnivorous women). Some such females, of the arafoo (around age 40) persuasion, can sometimes be found trolling for male company in Shinjuku 2-chome, Tokyo’s largest gay enclave.

Divorcee Mie Takeuchi, age 41, is in the habit of heading for 2-chome on evenings before a holiday.

“I like to hang out in gay bars and enjoy the music. And best of all, men don’t come on to me,” the slender, attractive Mie tells Shukan Asahi Geino (Dec. 31-Jan. 7).

It seems that Mie, in the fashion of a true carnivore, is the type who likes to make the first move on a guy.

Four years ago she began coming to 2-chome at the introduction of a doctor friend. Her first “purchase” was a male university student.

“It used to be that mainly middle-aged women on the lookout for gigolos were the ones you’d see hanging out at gay bars,” says Mie. “But these days younger women have become conspicuous. So when some slim, macho type is available we’ll get solicited with messages on our cell phones that proclaim, ‘New boxer merchandise — just in!'”

“In the old days the going rate was 20,000 yen for two hours,” Mie continues. “I prefer to go with a ‘long’ arrangement, paying about 40,000 yen up to 8:00 the next morning, in which case I can take them home with me.

“For these guys, a good evening would be ‘SSL,’ or to do two short times in an evening and then accompany the last customer home for a long. I’m always delighted if I can get one for an overnighter. Those young fellows seem to like that arrangement too. They’ll listen to whatever I have to say.”

Mie looks forward to sex as a form of relaxation.

“Since I’m getting along in years, I never ask for acrobatic stuff like ekiben (intercourse in a standing position with the woman’s legs locked around the man’s hips),” she giggles. “But I love to see the strained expression on a guy’s face when he moans, ‘I can’t hold back any more’ and then begins to make gasping noises and starts ejaculating — it gets me tremendously turned on.”

Mie revels in tying up a naked college student in a chair and then sucking him dry.

“I never liked giving oral sex to my ex-husband,” she says. “I couldn’t stand how he would try to force down my head. My previous lover was also arrogant and and we broke up.

“I’m not particularly ‘S’ (inclined toward sadism) but lean more toward ‘M.’ If a guy strokes my hair gently and praises me with affectionate words, I’ll suck him for as long as he likes. I’ll stroke his belly and lick his scrotum and anus. For a guy who can get it off three or four times, I’ll use lotion and stroke him. I just love to see him let fly with jism.”

At the crescendo Mie will straddle her partner in bed while in a sitting position and slowly grind her hips, reaching down with one hand and stroking her partner at the base of his shaft.

“At the moment I feel him grow bigger inside me, I’ll start coming, which makes me twitch about like a marionette whose strings are being yanked. Then I descend into a deep sleep.”

Source: “Shinjuku nichome de ikemen ‘omochi kaeri’ ‘Wakai odoko wo kosoku shite shaburi tsukusu no,'” Shukan Asahi Geino (Dec. 31-Jan. 7, page 202)