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Below the belt: Chiba clinic chief coralled for coffee enemas

Seduction in Japan often starts with a male inviting a female to join him for a perfectly legal cup of java. But using coffee to purge patients’ bowels has landed the operator of a defunct Chiba clinic and two other individuals in the pokey, Sankei Sports (Dec. 4) reports.

When a 14-year-old middle school girl complaining of constipation came for a consultation, Chikayoshi Hishiki, age 55, arranged for her to be administered a coffee enema, which, he told her, would “clean out” her intestines.

Sankei Sports did not go into detail on the identity of the stool pigeon who reported Hishiki to the authorities. He faces charges of practicing medicine without a license. He is alleged to have performed the treatment on a total of six patients, including two females in their 70s.

Hishiki insists that nothing untoward occurred. He admits that while he helped the patients prepare for the enema and assisted in the cleanup afterwards, the patients administered the enemas to themselves.

While the coffee — presumably served at less than body temperature — was said to have no ill effects on those who ingested it in this manner, the police are looking at charging Hishiki with other possible violations.

From 2009 to July of this year, his two Chiba clinics are said to have consulted some 5,000 patients, from whom he raked in revenues of 40 million yen.

Coffee enemas are said to be popular with Hollywood starlets and supermodels, who believe them to be effective in flushing toxins from the intestines and relieving fecal impaction. The article reports that in Japan, many women have also recently begun to show interest via sites on the Web. (K.S.)

Source: “Chu-ichi joshi ni kohi kancho,” Sankei Spots (Dec. 4, page 24)