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Honoka takes top prize at adult broadcasting awards

Riko Tachibana (center) and Chisato Shoda (to her left) are among the winners
Riko Tachibana (center) and Chisato Shoda (to her left) are among the winners at the Sky PerfecTV! adult awards ceremony

TOKYO (TR) – The Academy Awards finally gave Martin Scorsese his due for a job well done. Likewise, AV actress Honoka took the top prize (Best Actress) at last week’s Sky PerfecTV! adult awards ceremony for jobs well given.

Honoka, who represented the long-running Midnight Blue channel, has come to be recognized as one of Japan’s premier AV actresses. The cover of her “Glamorous Sex” DVD, which was released in August last year, boasts of her “perfect body and ability to freely perform satisfying sex acts.”

“I am so glad,” beamed the 21-year-old idol, pressing her tongue up against the phallus-shaped statue’s shiny surface. “I never thought I would be selected. I’d like to say that it was ‘my pleasure’ to my fans.”

Held in a theater within the love hotel area of Tokyo’s Shibuya district, the annual event — titled “Eroide Onna Matsuri” (Erotic Ladies Festival) — was a mix of ceremonies and competitions for the hottest female talent from the roster of adult channels on satellite broadcasters Sky PerfecTV! and jSAT.

Taking the other two awards was incest-genre specialist Chisato Shoda (Best Mature Actress), known for her motherly portrayals in features for production company Momotaro, and Riko Tachibana (Most Appearances), who dazzled the crowd by lifting her colorful dress and squatting with her legs apart.

The prolific Tachibana, representing pay-per-view channel Flamingo, suggested that she was ready to defend her title next year. “I still want to make other people orgasm,” she said, “and me as well. So why don’t we orgasm together again?”

Aside from Tachibana’s cumulative award, the winners were determined through a combination of Web and committee voting that took into account the roughly 10,000 programs broadcast last year.

Shoda vowed to continue pleasing her fans. “I am so surprised,” said the actress most likely to have sex with her son in any given program. “I will do my best to continue in the future.”

Following the reading of the measurements of the 16 contestants, who were initially outfitted in white sneakers, orange shorts, and a white tank top, and an opening dance by Paradise TV’s “Obanko Club” (Old Ladies Club), four battles of knowledge, endurance, and dexterity ensued.

A quiz on sex education tested the crew’s wits. Honoka, measuring in with a modest 85-centimeter bust, drew a cartoon of a couple doing the deed in a vertical position with the female flipped on her head to solve the puzzle: “Of the 48 styles of sex, what is matsuba chigai?” But Emiru Momose’s description of two bodies twisted together was deemed the most “cute” and the winning answer. Honoka extracted revenge by showing a sperm fertilizing an egg to explain that awa odori, which is a type of dance, is the phrase for pregnancy in AV slang. However, when the dust had settled, the eventual overall winner of the stage was Nana Otone, the 20-year-old talent hailing from Channel Ruby.

Taking the breast-counter competition was Luna Akatsuki and her 88-centimeter cups. With a penis-shaped counter set under her shirt and between her mammaries, Akatsuki pummeled the field, registering 116 repetitions in 30 seconds of shaking around the stage. “I have to pee,” admitted the actress following her win.

The audience selected Ai Takeuchi for having best portrayed the most convincing orgasm by riding a mechanical bull while simultaneously maintaining a look of innocence. “I wanted to keep going,” said the vivacious performer, who already had been generously allowed more than the allotted 15 seconds.

Also based on audience applause was a 30-second ice cream popsicle sucking test. Busty Mako Katase (98 centimeters), her lips covered in white cream, twisted and contorted in seductive poses on the floor. But the crowd was not swayed, handing the title to Obanko Club member Natsumi for her more straight-ahead and conventional sucking method.

The winners of each battle were then handed a single ribbon, one of which was attached to a black and gold belt. Rodeo orgasm virtuoso Ai Takeuchi held the lucky line and was honored as the overall champion of the skills competition, which was making its first appearance in the show’s three-year history.

The ceremony concluded with a panty-throw to the audience.

“I want to be more famous in the AV field,” said Honoka in closing. “And I also want to encourage other girls to strive to be the best.”