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Car services co. accused of faking paperwork for vehicles for drift racing

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested an executive of an automobile services company for allegedly fabricating paperwork for vehicles used in drift racing, reports NHK (Sept. 10).

In January, Takayuki Kikuchi collected 20,000 yen from each of Keigo Asakura, 26, and four other drivers for approving their vehicles for an inspection in spite of the fact that they had been unlawfully modified.

In a clip provided by the network, silver and white sedans are shown weaving through lanes of traffic at high speeds on an expressway. During turns, the rear wheels of the vehicles skid, making them appear to “drift.”

Persons authorized to conduct such inspections are considered to be nearly government officials, which makes such payments a form of bribery.

During questioning, Kikuchi admitted to the allegations, telling police he began accepting money to ensure vehicles passed the inspections about five years ago.

The other five suspects also admit to the allegations. “To modify the vehicle such that it will pass requires a large amount of money,” Asakura was quoted.