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Tokyo ‘voice actress’ accused in robberies to undergo examination

Ikki Jin is on trial for drugging and robbing multiple men in Tokyo
Ikki Jin is on trial for drugging and robbing multiple men in Tokyo

TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo District Court announced on Wednesday that a woman on trial for the drugging and robbery of a number of men will undergo a psychological examination, reports TBS News (Sep. 9).

Ikki Jin, a 31-year-old resident of Suginami Ward, will be evaluated over a three-month period by a specialist after claims by the defendant that she suffers from a personality disorder.

“I think another personality inside me committed the crimes,” Jin was quoted during the trial in July.

While in detention earlier this year, Jin took on the personality of “Genki-kun,” who she describes as a four-year-old boy.

On July 7 of last year, police arrested Jin for lacing a drink consumed by a 23-year-old male with a sleeping powder and robbing him of a total of 350,000 yen in cash and valuables.

A few weeks later, police re-arrested Jin, this time accusing her of swindling a 32-year-old man employed in the real estate industry using similar methods.

Prior to her first arrest, victims told police that they had been swindled by a woman who introduced herself as “voice actress Aiko.”

Jin is currently on trial for five cases.

While incarcerated, Jin gave birth to a baby girl. According to magazine Shincho 45 (Sept.), the defendant spent five days with the infant before it was taken into protective care.