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Tokyo: Pair from Hokkaido suspected in Kabukicho muggings

Yuya Makino (left) and Yuto Sugino
Yuya Makino (left) and Yuto Sugino (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two men from Hokkaido Prefecture who are suspected of multiple muggings in Shinjuku Ward, reports Nippon News Network (June 7).

In May, Yuya Makino and Yuto Sugino, both 21, assaulted a man, 37, and robbed him of a wallet containing 15,000 yen in cash as he commuted home on a road in the Kabukicho red-light district.

The pair then assaulted another man, 33, and stole his wallet about 300 meters away.

Makino denies the allegations, according to police. However, Sugino admits to the charges.

According to police, the suspects have known each other since childhood. They came to the capital from Hokkaido several days before the incidents.