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Tokyo man accused of stealing hand straps from trains

Michio Matsumuru
Michio Matsumuru

TOKYO (TR) – It was a case of rail rage.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police last week arrested a 63-year-old company employee who has admitted to stealing straps found inside train cars due to frustration with a rail company, reports NHK (April 19).

On Saturday evening, Michio Matsumura, a resident of Adachi Ward, allegedly used both hands and his body weight to pull a hand strap from its support inside a car of Tokyo Metro’s Chiyoda Line between Machiya and Kita Senju stations.

Matsumura, who has been charged with destruction of property, confessed to the crime, telling police that he became irritated with overcrowded trains. “I got tired of standing, and I decided to stir up trouble for the rail company.” The suspect also said that he started committing the thefts in March.

An examination of security camera footage taken on the evening of April 5 showed Matsumura swiping a strap from inside another car, also on the Chiyoda Line.

Since January of last year, roughly 200 hand straps have been taken from inside subway and rail cars. Police are now investigating whether Matsumura was behind all of the thefts.