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Tokyo cops: School cleaners stole girl’s uniforms, coats

Naoto Okamoto (left) and Yuki Kashiwagi
Naoto Okamoto (left) and Yuki Kashiwagi

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two former employees of a cleaning company over the theft of girl’s uniforms from schools in Machida City and neighboring areas, reports TV Asahi (Feb. 15).

On December 16, Naoto Okamoto, 31, and Yuki Kashiwagi, 33, allegedly sneaked into a classroom of a public high school in Machida and stole a girl’s coat and six identification cards.

Police apprehended the suspects after an examination of security camera footage. A search of the residences of the suspects by police resulted in the discovery of 230 school blazers, skirts and other uniform items.

Both suspects, who have been charged with theft and trespassing, admit to the allegations. “I like the slippery feel of the lining of the uniforms and coats,” Kashiwagi is quoted by the Machida Police Station.

Beginning in July of last year, numerous high schools in Machida and Hachioji City reported similar thefts. Both suspects were employed at the same cleaning company until November, with the aforementioned high school being one location where they worked together.

According to NHK (Feb. 15), both suspects have admitted to committing similar thefts while they were employed at the cleaning company.