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Tokyo cops: Man attacked wife’s lover with ice pick

Ran Shiratori
Ran Shiratori

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 25-year-old man and two of his relatives are alleged to have seriously injured the boyfriend of his wife in an attack in Fuchu City, reports Fuji News Network (June 1).

In December, Ran Shiratori, his father (50) and younger brother (22) are alleged to have summoned the boyfriend (27) to a restaurant in the Wakamatsucho area. The suspects then tied the upper-half of the victim’s body with adhesive tape, beat his face and stabbed the back of his left hand and head with an ice pick.

Shiratori, who has been charged with assault, admits to the charges. His father, however, denies being at the scene of the crime. One other person has been charged in the case.

The injuries to the victim required three months to heal but he still suffers from a brain impediment.