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Tokyo cops found drugs in body fluids disposed in Kiyohara’s trash

Kazuhiro Kiyohara
Kazuhiro Kiyohara

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police said on Thursday that during the course of a lengthy investigation of Kazuhiro Kiyohara an examination of the former baseball star’s trash revealed illegal drugs, reports Fuji News Network (Feb. 4).

Around the summer of last year, police monitoring the residence of Kiyohara, located in Minato Ward, discovered body fluids disposed in his trash that tested positive for stimulant drugs.

Police arrested Kiyohara, 48, on Tuesday night after a search of his residence revealed 0.1 grams of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs. Police also found Kiyohara to be in possession of a syringe and straw.

“I injected kakuseizai,” the ex-slugger said, “and I also inhaled (drugs) through a pipe.”

Kiyohara, who has been charged with possession of illegal drugs, has admitted to the charge.

Kiyohara has refused to reveal how he obtained the illegal substances. Law enforcement is currently investigating whether organized crime members supplied the contraband to the ex-slugger, reports Nikkan Sports (Feb. 5).

Over his 22-year career, Kiyohara established himself as one of Nippon Professional Baseball’s greatest sluggers. In his first season with the Seibu Lions in 1986, he slugged 31 home runs and was awarded Rookie of the Year honors. He ended his career with 525 home runs, which ranks fifth in NPB history.

On Thursday, Kiyohara was sent to prosecutors on the drug possession charge. Police are now examining a urine sample to determine if Kiyohara can be re-arrested for the use of stimulant drugs.