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Tokyo cops bust Chinese hostess club in Yushima for unlawful employment

Zhang Ying
Zhang Ying is the manager of Pub Furin

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a Chinese hostess club in Bunkyo Ward for unlawful employment, reports TBS News (Jan. 13).

Officers took Zhang Ying, the 36-year-old manager of Pub Furin, located in the Yushima area, for employing two Chinese females residing in Japan without proper authorization. The two hostesses and other other employee were also arrested.

Zhang denies the charges, telling police that one of the hostesses, a foreign exchange student, does not actually work at the club.

Pub Furin charges customers 5,000 yen per hour. Drinks consumed by the hostesses cost 3,000 yen each.

The club has collected approximately 78 million yen in revenue over the past seven years, according to Fuji News Network (Jan. 14).