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Tokyo club manager in custody for overcharging arrested again for robbery

Yuya Matsuda
Yuya Matsuda
SHIGA (TR) – When twice is not so nice.

Shiga Prefectural Police on Wednesday arrested the 25-year-old manager of a hostess club in Tokyo for robbing 230,000 yen from the register of a convenience store in Nagahama City on the evening of May 25 of last year.

According to the Sankei Shimbun (March 11), the very same manager was also arrested last month, that time by Tokyo Metropolitan Police, for overcharging a customer.

Though the name of the suspect in the Shiga case is not provided, the age of the proprietor and time period matches that of the bust of Club Cenote, which is located in the red-light district of Kabukicho.

In the latter case, officers arrested Yuya Matsuda for demanding 510,000 yen from a 32-year-old male customer on December 1. Unable to pay the bill, the victim cleaned the establishment’s toilet and performed as a street tout until the following day.

Prior to the robbery in Shiga, the manager disappeared after telling his colleagues that he had won a sizable sum of money gambling and was going on a vacation.

Police suspect that the money from the convenience store heist was used to to fund the suspect’s return to Tokyo.