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Saitama cops shut down live sex broadcasts that featured 150 women

Kunimitsu Umebayashi performed with 150 actresses in broadcasts on FC2 Live (Twitter)

SAITAMA (TR) – Saitama Prefectural Police last week busted an operation that posted live sex videos on the Internet on public obscenity charges, reports the Saitama Shimbun (July 2).

According to police, unaltered footage of Kunimitsu Umebayashi, a 35-year-old resident of Saitama, engaging in sexual acts with an 18-year-old female junior college student inside an apartment in Hakata Ward of Fukuoka City was broadcast live on sharing site FC2 Live on March 6.

By law, films available in Japan are required to have genitalia properly censored. On July 1, officers arrested both participants and a 46-year-old advertising executive, who was an investor in the business.

Since November of 2012, the operation has collected approximately 100 million yen in revenue. Viewers of the site were charged 40 yen per minute. Police have confirmed that 63 million yen had been deposited into his bank account.

Over that period, Umebayashi performed with approximately 150 actresses, who received 30 percent of the operation’s revenue.

The matter came to light after Umebayashi was arrested in June for picking up an underage prostitute.

Umebayashi and the female suspect became acquainted in December through a smartphone dating application. The two suspects have admitted to the allegations, telling police that they did it to make a living.