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Saitama cops: Man dumped body of elderly male acquaintance in Gunma

Outside the residence of the suspect in Kasukabe City
Outside the residence of the suspect in Kasukabe City

SAITAMA (TR) – Saitama Prefectural Police last week arrested a 56-year-old man for allegedly dumping the body of a male acquaintance who had been missing for several months, reports the Nikkei Shimbun (April 16).

Yoshihiro Miyaguchi, a resident of Kasukabe City, Saitama, is alleged to have buried the body of Masumi Morishige, a 73-year-old resident of the same city, on a vacant lot in Gunma Prefecture.

On April 8, police found the body on the site, located in the area of Takenuma Dam in Fujioka City. The corpse did not exhibit any external injuries.

Miyaguchi, who was arrested in Friday on charges of abandoning a corpse, denies the allegations. “I didn’t do it, and I’ve got nothing to say about it,” the suspect is quoted by police, according to TBS News (April 15).

On February 3, an employee of a delivery company was the last person known to have seen Morishige. At some point thereafter, his son consulted with police about the disappearance of his father.

Miyaguchi became a person of interest for the police after they spoke with associates of Morishige. During the investigation, police determined that financial trouble had emerged between the two men.