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Right-wing group stops ex-PM Hatoyama’s car over China relations

Trucks from the Somokukki no Kai surround ex-PM Hatoyama's car
Trucks from the Somokukki no Kai surround ex-PM Hatoyama’s car in Chiyoda Ward

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police are investigating a right-wing group that stopped a car carrying Yukio Hatoyama in protest over the former prime minister’s stance on China, reports TV Asahi (Dec. 4).

On October 4, Hatoyama’s car was surrounded by 12 propaganda trucks from the Somokukki no Kai at an intersection in the Ogawamachi area of Chiyoda Ward.

The former prime minister had just left a symposium at Meiji University that discussed the building of friendly ties between China and Japan, according to the Mainichi Shimbun (Dec. 3). Over the 10-minute period in which his vehicle was halted, the speakers of the trucks blasted messages, including, “Prostrate yourself before the people of Japan!”

On Thursday, police searched the offices of the Somokukki no Kai on suspicion of disruption of the duties of Hatoyama’s driver. Officers seized data and impounded trucks belonging to the group.