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Off the hook: Call center employee takes Japan’s first Best Breasts Contest

Award winners at the Best Breasts Contest: (from left) Luna, Narumi Nakakita, Ryoko Nakazaki, Mayu
Award winners at the inaugural Best Breasts Contest: (from left) Luna, Narumi Nakakita, Ryoko Nakazaki and Mayu

TOKYO (TR) – Ryoko Nakazaki has dreams of entering show business, but for now she will have to settle for having the nation’s most attractive chest.

On Tuesday evening, Nakazaki, 23, took top prize among six contestants in the Beautiful Breasts Contest 2016 at a theater in the capital.

“Since I originally wanted to become an actress to be able to do that would be great,” said the native of Gifu Prefecture, according to Daily Sports (Oct. 18). “But my ultimate goal is to become a song writer.”

Nakazaki, whose F-cup chest measures 95 centimeters, currently works part-time at a call center in Tokyo. She realized her breasts were exceptional during middle school, when she was active in table tennis and other sports. “Once they became big, I massaged them,” she said. “I also slathered them with cream.”

Organizers for the event, which was sponsored by lingerie maker Peach John, initially recruited participants by accepting photographs from women showing them wearing swimsuits, underwear or holding their hands over their chests. A number of characteristics, including size and shape, were taken into consideration.

Interviews of successful candidates were then held in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka at various times throughout the year.

On Tuesday, the six finalists appeared on stage attired only in flower leis, strategically covering their nipples, and underwear. Maggy, a model whose real name is Natsuki Margaret Gibb, served as a judge along with representatives from Peach John and Free magazine.

To the delight of the assembled press corps in attendance, Maggy touched the left breast of Nakazaki in offering speculation on the contest’s impact.

“With this being the first contest to feature breasts, perhaps women can now develop confidence in their chests, much like they can for beautiful legs or white skin,” she said, according to Nikkan Sports (Oct. 18).

Model Narumi Nakakita and dancer Luna were awarded consolation prizes. A special Peach John award went to entertainer Mayu.