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Naked city: Kochi civic employee took out trash in buff

in Kochi City
A civic employee in Kochi City took out the garbage in the nude on Monday (Twitter)

KOCHI (TR) – Kochi Prefectural Police have arrested a 49-year-old male civic employee for taking out the garbage at his residence in Kochi City while in the nude, reports Nikkan Sports (Apr. 16).

At around 6:20 a.m. on Monday, Kenichi Kuroiwa, the chief of the Property Management Division for the city, walked to the garbage disposal area near his residence in the Asahimachi without any clothing.

Kuroiwa, who has been accused of indecent exposure, admits to the allegations. “Wearing clothing is a nuisance,” the suspect was quoted by the Kochi Police Station.

Several months before, a local resident lodged a complaint about a naked man who strolling in the area on multiple mornings several months, police said. An officer on patrol apprehended Kuroiwa after seeing him in the buff on Monday.