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Models and stewardesses become tour bus babes

Shukan Asahi Geino July 1
Shukan Asahi Geino July 1
TOKYO (TR) – Staffing and training corporation Wellcom has started a tour service employing roughly 300 ladies called Bibus, which supplies sightseeing buses with female guides who used to be flight attendants and models. The company tells Shukan Asahi Geino (July 1) that the impetus for the program was the advanced ages of many existing guides.

A member of the company’s public relations department explains: “We originally had the service Bishoku (jobs employing beautiful women) in which former flight attendants and models went through training to become receptionists and secretaries. Then we heard about the aging issue with bus tour guides.”

The Bibus program, whose name is an amalgamation of bijin (美人) (beautiful woman) and bus (バス), began taking applications in October, 2009 and kicked off services in May of this year. On a busy day, up to 40 buses will be staffed by Bibus babes.

It is not just the customers who are benefiting, Shukan Asahi Geino assures. “Needless to say, a ‘thank you’ from clients is nice,” guide Fuyuko Tajima tells the tabloid. “Moreover, kids telling us ‘See you later’ or ‘I am back!’ will relieve any fatigue we may have.” (K.N.)