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Miyagi gov. bows to critics, to remove provocative Mitsu Dan promo clip

Mitsu Dan appears in a promotional video for Miyagi Prefecture
Mitsu Dan appears in a promotional video for Miyagi Prefecture

MIYAGI (TR) – After a receiving a barrage of complaints about sexism, the Miyagi prefectural government revealed on Monday that it will remove an online tourism promotional video starring gravure idol Mitsu Dan later this week after a two-month run, reports Nikkei Shimbun (Aug. 21).

Prefectural governor Yoshihiro Murai said at a press conference said that critical voices must be acknowledged regarding the video. Titled “Nice and cool: Miyagi in summer,” the clip features Dan, 36, and a mascot presenting local products and tourist destinations in the prefecture for a special promotional campaign.

Critics have been in opposition to a number of sexually charged scenes in the 2.5-minute clip, including Dan seductively parting her lips and the mascot, seemingly aroused, spurting blood from its nose.

“It is necessary for us to take into consideration those with opposing views,” Murai said.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on July 5. The intention was for the video to run through the end of September, but it will be removed on Saturday.

Claimed the video was sexist

In July, seven female members of the Miyagi prefectural assembly claimed the video was sexist, and requested that it be removed. In a letter sent to the deputy governor, they said that the video, whose budget of 23 million yen came from donations for the revival of the area following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, will not encourage people to visit Miyagi.

After the emergence of the complaints, Murai initially supported the video, saying on July 24 that the results — it has been viewed over 3 million times — speak for themselves. The video, he said, has garnered 30 to 40 times more interest than most sightseeing promotional videos.