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Japan boy sues high school after being forced out due to sex

Seiwa Gakuen High School
Seiwa Gakuen High School (

MIYAGI (TR) – A former male student at a high school in Sendai City known for its soccer team has filed a lawsuit after he was expelled for engaging in sex, reports Kahoku Shimpo (June 21).

According to the suit, filed at the Sendai District Court on Monday, the boy, 18, is seeking 60 million yen in compensation from the principal and administration of Seiwa Gakuen High School over an “abuse of discretionary power” that resulted in his changing to a different school.

Last year, the boy was encouraged to voluntarily leave school after he was to be expelled on the grounds that he had sex with his girlfriend.

The boy did not have a history of delinquency. “An expulsion can result for a single sexual act,” the boy was told. “Past behavior is not taken into consideration.”

The plaintiff claims that there is no legal precedent for the action. “There are no school regulations stipulating that sexual acts can be a reason for expulsion,” the plaintiff argued. “This abuse of discretionary power is illegal.”

The principal claims that “there is a discrepancy in the facts that will be revealed in the courtroom.”

The boy was a member of the soccer team. Two days before a national tournament in December, the boy dropped out of school and did not participate.